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We take pride in developing a very thorough strategic plan to ensure the success of recruiting the right candidate for you.

Phase 1: Understand your Company’s business, vision, work environment and strategies - short and long term.
    • Obtain literature on the Company, which defines their goals and future objectives.
    • Interview key personnel within your Company.
    • Obtain copies of materials on the strategic plan of the area that the employee will be hired for.
    • Access all literature on compensation, benefits and human resources procedures so as to represent all benefit programs to        prospective hires, including time off with pay, perks and compensation programs.
    • Obtain information on your competition and where to source prospective hires.
Phase 2: Review the Search plan.
    • Prepare the job description.
    • Prepare the interview process and final selection parameters.
    • Develop the storyboard for the prospective hire, including the reporting and management responsibilities.
    • Agree to the process, including advertisements, postings, and soliciting candidates from competitive companies.
    • Agree to the compensation guidelines and benefits coverage. Provide relevant industry salary and remuneration information.
Phase 3: Determine Candidates
    • Identify targeted candidates using on-line database and networking with personal and professional contacts.
    • Review all candidates’ profiles with a preliminary telephone screen.
    • Conduct an in-depth interview with the top candidates developing a summary of their qualifications and compensation demands.
    • Conduct a preliminary reference check, including an evaluation of their strongest and weakest characteristics.
    • Present the top three candidates to the Company and agree upon the candidates to be interviewed.

Phase 4: Conducting the Closing Interviews
    • Select the finalists and complete a thorough summary of their feedback on their interviews.
    • Arrange for final interviews.
Phase 5: Negotiation and Acceptance
    • Our team manages the expectations of the new hire and assists you in the negotiation process to ensure acceptance.
    • We will review the final offer letter.
Phase 6: Follow-Up
    • After an acceptance, the job is not done. We will lead the candidate through the process of transitioning to the new position
      and provide you with specific objectives to assess their performance in the first three months of employment.