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Understand our Clients
A successful executive search project starts with a clear understanding of your company culture and business needs. Our Executive Search team communicates closely with you to identify your organi-zation's core characteristics and values, and to develop a detailed job description that clearly esta-blishes the scope, responsibilities, and key criteria for candidate selection.
Identify Matching Candidates
We use a combination of methods to identify a large pool of potential candidates for each executive search project. These include searching in our own databases, networking, and proactively con-tacting and recruiting potential candidates. Based on our knowledge of your organization and spe-cific position requirements, we identify, assess and refer those candidates who have the highest chance of success.
Provide Comprehensive Support
We support you in every aspect of the recruiting process, including candidate evaluation and feed-back, salary negotiations, and reference checks. We act as a trusted advisor to both ides in order to
guarantee clear expectations and effective communication. Once a candidate has been successfully
placed we maintain contact with both parties to ensure a smooth transition.